Sony Music's Adriana Palma Gives Proven Content Marketing Tips Live

Adriana Palma, Digital Marketing Specialist, Sony Music Central America & Caribbean (Source: LinkedIn)
Researching, keeping on top of digital trends, tools and strategies and knowing your audience prove to be key as part of the content marketing process. Adriana Palma, Digital Marketing Specialist at Sony Music Central America & Caribbean, spoke to ScribbleLive's Engage Magazine about this and more steps that make for effective digital and content marketing.

1. What digital platforms/channels does Sony Music use to reach their audience with digital marketing?

Sony Music Central America uses channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, which are social media networks; as well as mailings lists, iTunes and streaming platforms like Spotify and Deezer. We also reach our audience through subscription services.

We use a combination of both traditional and digital marketing channels because a majority of our consumers do not have access to Internet, therefore they don’t use digital platforms. That’s why subscription services come to satisfy the necessity for receiving content from their favorite artists. 

"Content marketing is the core of digital marketing. Content marketing is about showing your consumers what you are offering," said Adriana Palma, Digital Marketing Specialist at Sony Music Central America & Caribbean. "Creating empathy through our social media is as important as capitalizing every customer."

2. What's your favorite part of your job?

There are two special things that I really enjoy about my work. One is discovering new content and analyzing in musical and marketing terms, its future impact in our territory. For example, that happened with Mark Ronson and his single Uptown Funk. It's not only a massive success, but it´s also a song that has a complex composition and some of the best musicians involved.
Secondly, what I love the most about my job is discovering and adjusting the tools I require to execute and reach in the best possible way, my objectives and goals. The combination of several tools optimizes my day-to-day tasks and that's something I need to be on top every day.

3. You have a musical background; can you discuss your expertise?
I started playing drums when I was 13 years old. After high school, I went to business school and I realized that the combination of music and business was my real passion. Few years later, I went to Berklee School of Music to understand more about the music industry. Although school was very important for my academic education, traveling was as important as my musical studies. I’ve always said that traveling broadens up your horizons and it changes your perspective in your professional life.

While working for Sony Music as a digital marketer and being an active musician, I can closely track and examine every side of this industry.

I can also have better criteria when analyzing a song, a chorus, a verse, the lyrics, it's music production and it’s composition. This allows me to screen and anticipate a possible impact in a specific market. My musical background and the eye for business come together.

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4. What is the formula for good digital marketing, in your opinion?

This industry changes 24/7, for good digital marketing, you must have time for research every day. You must become a researcher. There are always new technologies, new apps, new tools, new trends, new strategies to look for and to explore, the need of having all the information updated, will keep you on top every day.

Also, get to know your customers, your audience and create a community around the social network circle. Be detail-oriented with your content and build an organic dialogue with your followers. Specialized attention should be given to each digital platform, as each serves a different purpose.

5. Do you use content marketing? In what ways? How is it working for you?

Content marketing is the core of digital marketing. Content marketing is about showing your consumers what you are offering. Videos and pictures are the most effective way to engage our followers through social media. We post and tweet content several times per day and it's important to treat every piece of content in a unique way because the value resides in differentiating every single product.

Although our content is about music, you must know the special features of every piece of musical material: videos, songs, live shows, interviews, etc. Communicating this information, highlighting its uniqueness will start a connecting point between your social networks and your followers. Creating empathy through our social media is as important as capitalizing every customer.

6. Can you talk about the goals that Sony is trying to achieve with its digital marketing and the audience they are trying to reach?

One of our goals is to expand our social media properties. This is one specific objective that we want to focus on. Through social media we can create and reinforce brand awareness, advertise and promote our products (music content), capitalize and engage our followers, create a sense of music community, communicate our events, our contests and connect to media partners with the ultimate goal of selling our artists and their products. These actions together, and its proper execution, will enhance our goal that is directly involved with our marketing plans.

This is also a real challenge because we manage a social media platform for the region and each country has it’s own cultural values and it´s local language. Making every post/tweet unique, customized and geotargeted becomes very important and gives meaning to each audience.

7. Can you talk about your day-to-day digital marketing effort? What does it involve?
My day-to-day job involves the management of our social media, monitoring iTunes and curating content for streaming platforms like Spotify and Deezer. It also involves creating other digital marketing strategies like CPC (click per customer) campaigns and subscription services.

I need to be a constant observ[er] of what's happening in the digital world, not only in the music industry, but in other industries as well. Benchmarking in my daily work is as important as researching for new information, because it gives you perspective, vision and strategies you can also apply for this business.

Evaluating the information that iTunes, radio charts, media and top lists of streaming services give me is mandatory when exposing results and analyzing the real impact of a strategy in a marketing plan. Our efforts have to be measured in the best possible way.

"In one year, we have increased 105% of our followers with little investment and our efforts have been focused on engaging them organically," Palma said.

8. Do your digital marketing efforts at Sony involve several departments and teams? Can you describe that a bit?
I report directly to the marketing department and I work very closely with the digital department. On one hand, with the marketing department we work in weekly marketing plans for our new products. Analyzing digital data, it’s mandatory when targeting strategies for these plans. On the other hand, with the digital department we monitor streaming platforms and we also upgrade and optimize our profiles with the best available tools.

The connection, the coordination and effective communication between these two departments is the key to have a successful digital marketing department.

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9. Are there successes or examples of digital marketing that Sony Music has done especially well that you'd like to discuss?

One of the biggest successes we have had is the growth of our social media, especially Facebook. In one year, we have increased 105% of our followers with little investment and our efforts have been focused on engaging them organically. This has been very important for the company because we truly believe that social media is a massive communication tool that has had in our case, a regional impact. We have created an organic musical community where people can interact, ask and feel identified with each of our artists. This result comes from actions that involve cross platforms content and focusing more on quality than quantity. 

10. Any thoughts you have for other digital marketers who are trying to learn more about content marketing or do a better job?
Read, read, read and research every day. Subscribe to digital blogs and magazines. Connect with people around the industry; be assertive in the way you connect with people. Be an entrepreneur in your job, entrepreneurs are not afraid to fail and they take immediate action when observing a business opportunity. Work also very closely with your team; no effort should be done without them. Create, propose and share new digital strategies along with previous analysis and theory. Ultimately, be very passionate about your job!

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