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By Nicole Dawe

In an increasingly competitive market, it’s important for businesses to stay on top of content marketing, but for some this can be a daunting task. In order to plan, create, distribute, and measure content, businesses often have to switch back-and-forth between software platforms, which slows down production.

ScribbleLive’s newly released platform, Projects, recognizes these four crucial steps, bringing them into one platform for efficient and effective content marketing.

Content Planning

In chess, victory rides on the back of strategy, and the same applies to content marketing: the more thought-out a content plan is, the more effective it will be.

Having a plan is the first step and documenting it is a necessary second. In a previous interview with ScribbleLive’s Engage Magazine, the Content Marketing Institute’s Vice President of Content, Michelle Linn said, “the act of documenting your content marketing strategy is absolutely critical. In fact, our upcoming research shows that those who document their content marketing strategy are far more effective than those with a verbal strategy. In short, you need a plan if you want to be successful.

report conducted by the Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs’ confirms this, revealing 84 per cent of marketers, who said their content marketing was unsuccessful, did not have a documented plan.

To build a plan, a goal must be set and content planning schedule must be formed. These two tasks can deter people from planning, as the hassle of using different software, editorial calendars, and spreadsheets makes the process seem much more complicated than it is.Projects bring these tasks together:

  • Select from an interchangeable menu of content goals, or add your own, then measure how well your goal is performing.
  • No need for editorial calendars and spreadsheets, Projects allows you to easily schedule content to be published and distributed immediately or at a later date and time, on any channel that you preselect.
  • To simplify the planning process even more, Projects makes collaboration with others a very simple process; click the add button on the right side of the page, then select from the list of coworkers you wish to work with. They will have immediate access to the project.
Content Creation & Curation

Content creation is a crucial part of marketing. Great content adds authority and legitimacy to a brand, which establishes a feeling of trust and name recognition with audience. Once you have built that relationship with them, they are more likely to return to and share your content, increasing your viewership and raising your rank in search engines.

But what is good content? Convince&Convert’s, Kevin Cain, wrote “For any piece of content to be successful, it has to be personalized and speak to a specific person (a potential buyer), with a specific need, at a specific point in his or her buyer journey.” This is where a lot of people get stuck, mistaking content as a simple blog post about their product, but successful blogs require much more effort than that.

Take for instance, General Electric’s blog, GE Reports. It’s is made up of an array of entertaining posts that tie into their brand, ranging from shale gas to scientific experiments with E.

Coli Bacteria. They also presented their content in engaging ways, such as articles, photography, artwork, videos, and music.

Additive Manufacturing - The Next Industrial Revolution
by GEAviation via YouTube

For some, creating content is intimidating, however, ScribbleLive’s Projects, simplifies the presentation process for you, enabling you to select from a number of different, easy-to-use content templates.

  • Write an original article with the option of adding images, videos and audio.
  • Create a live stream or a social wall and curate user generated content, from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Use a pinboard or timeline for a well-organized visual display.

Forming a plan and creating content are only the first two hurdles of content marketing; distribution is a very important third.

The web is already overflowing with information, which means simply publishing content to your website does not guarantee viewership and SEO should not be relied on as a lone source of traffic generation. Distributing your content directly to your audience through targeted channels is the most effective way of turning a visit into a return visit.

Distributing content is an easy task with Projects, providing you with a menu of channels, such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, to select from prior to publishing. Once your work is published, Projects will automatically distribute your content to those specified channels.


You took the time to form a plan, create the content, and distribute it. Now it’s time to measure how your content performed. Measurement reveals useful information, such as content view counts and bounce rates, as well as how your content was found. Having this insight will help you create content your audience is interested in, build an audience profile and improve your distribution.

Belinda Alzner, Product Marketing Manager at ScribbleLive, said Projects provides you with the in-depth information you need.

“Everything in Projects is underpinned by our audience insights, which allow you to progressively profile your audience to see how they interact with your content.Meaning, when someone reaches your conversion goal, you’ve already gathered a rich prospect profile on their prior content interactions. You’ll never have to wonder which blog posts, live chats or social walls someone saw before taking action to convert—it’s all right there in our platform.” - Belinda Alzner

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