First tweets from Nike, Google and other major brands Live

By Chris Huston

By now, most of the world's biggest brands are well-established in the Twitterverse, so we decided to take a look at what some of them had to say in that first tweet.

Here's what we found.

Nike and Disney waxed philosophic:

Google was typically clever. The binary code below reads "I'm Feeling Lucky" - which is the button next to the search button on the Google website:

Coca-Cola's twitter account started out with a re-tweet of a funny news story involving its product, while Pepsi sent out a cheerful hello:

Amazon started pushing its sales from the getgo:

While Barclays got down to business:

Shell and GE focused on renewable energy:

Here are a few more big brands and what they had to say with their very first tweet:

And let's not forget the very first tweet from Twitter itself:


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