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Here are a few of the most interesting things happening in the marketing world this week, courtesy of some of the top experts, thought leaders and CMOs in the industry.

By Renee Sylvestre-Williams

Yahoo recently announced changes to native ad units for its international markets. Marketing Magazine
reports that the new ads, which were tested in the US, will be akin to "
Facebook in-stream ads or Twitter promoted tweets. The company will bring to bear its user data and targeting capabilities to build an individualized stream for each user, featuring mixed editorial and ad content that match each consumer’s interests."

Brian Wong, Founder and CEO of @kiip, doesn't think Yahoo did that great a job. 

Wong is disappointed by the new look and feel of Yahoo's native ads. He calls it "Innovation by deception," saying that the new ads are really just the same ads. The problem, Wong says, is that Yahoo isn't integrating the native ad experience with user behaviour and is ignoring how they consume content. 

So how can Yahoo (and any other company successfully integrate native advertising? It's about putting the customer first, giving them what they want and providing quality content instead of placing ads between content and hoping the user will click. And as the Twitter slideshow below confirms, while interest in native advertising is expanding, so are the questions surrounding how to best approach it.


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ScribbleLive held a chat on this very topic with experts from The New York Times, the American Press Institute and more. See what they had to say about the world of sponsored content.

Facebook Tag Bombing

A new trend is appearing on Facebook. It's called Tag Bombing. You're tagged in a post that asks you to share your favourite sweet/toy/vacation -- and it's done by a company all to increase pageviews.

Marketer Mark Schaefer explains in his post why this isn't a great idea to grow pageviews or increase engagement: 

This practice of tag-bombing people to artificially drive engagement is simply the new version of telemarketing. You know, those annoying sales people who interrupt you with a call you to sell you insurance or something? Even if you hang up right away, it has distracted you from your day and wasted your time.

The Future of Digital Platforms?

Looking to connect with your users? Forget Tumblr or even Pinterest. It's Instagram. So says Scott Galloway of digital innovation think tank L2. He calls it a winner-take-all ecosystem. He believes it's about the visual-based medium for brands and expands on that in the video clip below. 

Last month, Scott Galloway gave a speech titled 'Winners/Losers in a Digital Age' at DLD NYC 14.
by DLDconference via YouTube


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