CMOverheard: Protecting Yourself From Copyright Infringement, J.C. Penney Aims for Latinas and Who Is Generation C? Live

By Renee Sylvestre-Williams

We're paying attention, so you don't have to. Here are a few of the most interesting things happening in the marketing world this week, courtesy of some of the top experts, thought leaders and CMOs in the industry.

Protecting Yourself Against Copyright Infringement

Social media lets marketers share content in seconds, but Rachel Foster of Marketingprofs takes a look at how to share content without violating US copyright laws. 

The 2013 Information Consumption and Use act found that more than 40% of the information used and shared by employees comes from outside sources. This, Foster says, can increase your organization’s risk of infringement. 

"One of the biggest misconceptions that marketers have about sharing protected content is the belief that all of the content sharing they do is considered fair use," Michele Ayers, Manager of Educational Services at Copyright Clearance Center (CCC)

If your organization is using external content, there are ways to reduce the risk of infringement. 

The easiest way is to ask for permission from the originating author or organization. This can be as simple as obtaining a license to reproduce the content on your platforms. Most sites already have licensing agreements for use of content (Flickr as an example).

If your organization uses external content on a regular basis, then Foster suggests creating a copyright policy for your team. This way, they have a reference guide that tells them what they can and cannot do with copyrighted content. 

JC Penney Aiming for Latinas

The World Cup is almost here and JC Penney plans on being part of the excitement. The troubled department store has just launched its World Cup campaign aimed directly at Latinas, calling them identifying the demographic at its “North Star” and the biggest source of customer growth for 2014.  

Lyris Leos, the director of multicultural marketing at JCP, said a Nielsen study found that more Hispanic women watch the World Cup than non-Hispanic men and called that a ‘breakthrough moment.” J.C. Penney’s campaign includes two 30-second TV spots that will air during the games as well as integrations with the Univision morning show, “Despierta America.” J.C. Penney is a sponsor. 

The store has a history of troubles -- the last few years have seen changes in management, strategy shifts and a decline in sales -- so it remains to be seen if this new focus will help the chain’s fortunes. 

Who is Generation C? 

Generation C is the most connected generation ever. This demographic is typically 18-34 (as is reflected in some of the definitions below), but Brian SolisPrincipal Analyst, Altimeter Group, also defines it as anyone with a smartphone and who uses social media. Generation C is not only super-connected, but is also communicating via those social connections. 


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So what motivates Generation C? While most of Gen C is generally thought to be under 35, it’s not really a generation. The C in Gen C tends to be defined as Connection, Creation, Curation and Community. The members of Generation C are people who are empowered by technology, people who live in the moment, look for personal development and want ways to give back to the community. 

And if companies don’t keep up with that generation, they will die, Solissaid. He defines this as Digital Darwinism: Those who don’t adapt to the new communication will be left behind. 

Solis says those who will survive and thrive in the new Generation C world must understand what the members of Generation C want from their world. It’s not merely adding new Pinterest boards or pushing out new content on Twitter or deciding to start a Tumblr or Snapchat account. If companies can't relate to Generation C, he says, they will go the way of the dinosaur:

Without understanding technology and its relationship with behavior, without aligning a bigger mission or vision with what we are trying to do — something that is going to matter to people — we are just managing businesses the way we always have. We are not moving in any new direction.


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