Limited Edition World Cup Gear Fuels Tourney Spirit Live

There’s no shortage of footballer fan gear to wear in support of favorite teams. That support is translating to sales. sold more U.S. soccer apparel in the first five days of the 2014 FIFA World Cup than the entire 2010 tournament, Bloomberg reports. 

Brazil Neymar Santos jerseys are’s top selling player jersey followed U.S. Captain Clint Dempsey’s according to Bloomberg. See’s top 10 world soccer jerseys of 2014.

The wonder ball

Adidas, one of six FIFA partners for the 2014 World Cup, estimates
7 billion in revenue this year from its soccer division, CNN Money reports. They have no shortage of specialty gear around the tournament. Most notable is Brazuca, the official match ball for the World Cup, which has its own Twitter account with 2.83 million followers since it launched in early December. 


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The ball was named as part of crowdsourced vote in Brazil with 1 million fans. The company spent two and a half years testing Brazuca with 600 players, making it the most tested ball the company has ever created, according to Adidas. Pharrell Williams even recently celebrated @brazuca’s 2 million followers. 

Adidas launched limited edition Battle Pack Adizero F50 cleats to celebrate Lionel Messi’s 27th birthday on June 24. Only 27 were made with a distinctive color scheme.

Adidas gave away 27 autographed pairs via @TeamMessi on Twitter.
The regular line of Adizero F50 Messi Battle Pack cleats, which Messi himself is wearing, range from $60 to $230.

Adidas announced that its Adizero F50 are the “top scoring cleat” in the World Cup with 42 goals. The Golden Boots are being worn by James Rodriguez of Colombia, Leo Messi, Thomas Muller, Robin van Persie, Arjen Robben and Karim Benzema, according to a company release. 

Not to be outdone, Nike is providing more than half the cleats worn in the tournament and its soccer revenue hit $2.3 billion up until the end of May, according to Reuters. 

Nike Mercurial boots, which the company touts as “synonymous with speed," have been around since 1998 and its latest model for 2014 is the Superfly IV, which is made with Nike’s Flyknit technology.

Five of the 10 teams wearing Nike kits advanced out of the first round -- Brazil, France, Greece and the Netherlands and the U.S.. Incidentally, three teams were the top selling jerseys - Brazil, U.S. and the Netherlands, according to Forbes. However only three of those teams (Brazil, France and Netherlands) are still alive.

Puma launched its limited edition Tricks on May 14. They’re a spin on the evoPOWER and evoSPEED cleats, with its bold left shoe blue right shoe pink combination, which cost up to $200. The boot was recently called a possible curse by Slate. Slate suggested that players Mario Balotelli, Cesc Bregas and others were cursed because their teams were knocked out of the tournament. 

The FIFA online store has its own offering of collectibles including replica trophies to posters to wall decals to Adidas jerseys.

Rally strong going into quarter-finals

Brands can continue to harness the power of numbers of the highly passionate and engaged soccer fanbase. The U.
S.-Portugal game was the most watched football match in the U.S. Viewership records were also set in Brazil, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, UK, Spain and Japan, according to FIFA. 

Finally, there are just eight brands remaining going into the quarter-finals in Scribble Live's Battle of the Brands. See who's left.

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