Content Strategy: How to Plan Your Real-time Event Live

By Lucas Espin and Leah Betancourt

If we had a dollar for every time we were asked, 'What can I do to ensure my event is successful?', we'd all be very rich. However we're happy to give the advice away for free because, truth be told, the answer is simple: real-time content coverage success is directly tied to planning.

The ScribbleLive and CoverItLive teams have put our heads together and laid out a road map for real-time content planning.
We hope it helps you prepare for your next event. If you find this checklist helpful, we encourage you to share the knowledge: you can embed it
 on your own website/blog or easily share it among your social network connections. 

Infographic How to Plan For Real-Time Event
by leah.betancourt

Now that we've outlined the steps to plan for a live event, we want to know about the biggest challenge you face:

And Don't Forget ...

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