How Brands Can Benefit From Audience Participation Live

By Brennan Reid 

Research shows real-time content marketing tools help facilitate user engagement -- whether it's from a news organization or brand. Why is this significant? According to Susan Gunelius of aytm, “Successful brand engagement taps into emotions and experiences.” She outlines five steps to build brand engagement, one of which includes communication.

Content marketing has become extremely important over the past couple of years, with 95% of CMOs saying that content marketing is important to their business. In survey by Axonn Research, one-third of respondents “expect companies to publish content,” and 67% of respondents said that they would prefer to buy products that they follow and engage with on social media.

Engagement, for a brand, is incredibly important. Hyper-engagers -- people who participate with a brand online more than one time a week -- “engage more across every channel and purchase more” says a study conducted by AdAge and Google, with 40% of those hyper-engagers purchasing products online multiple times a week. The study’s conclusion? “Those who engage more correlate with those who purchase more and that consumers can be inspired to engage with your brand.

All of this -- engagement, communication, buying more products -- sounds great for brands, but how does it relate to the research we reported on last week? As more and more brands turn to the newsroom model of content marketing, what works for newspapers can translate and work for marketing teams. In the era of UGC and social media interaction, user participation is at an all-time high.

By using content engagement platforms, like ScribbleLive, user participation can be taken front and center -- increasing engagement and bringing more value to your brand. Take a look at how some of our clients are using content to engage with their audiences:

The Grammy Awards had an awesome approach. In addition to their white label stream, they used a ScribbleLive embed on the side that gathered reader comments and questions, allowing users to always be in view.  
During the World Cup, Sony and Goal hosted fan live chats with former soccer stars. They solicited questions from fans from both ScribbleLive comments and social media, giving people a direct connection to their heros. 
On our own Engage Magazine, we host regular live chats which feature different industry leaders. We get readers to submit questions and then get our experts to answer them - giving people a way to communicate with industry thought leaders. 

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