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The ways to gauge content marketing’s impact on a company’s performance varies as much the ways to explain the best method of measurement. There isn't an industry-wide standard or formula for content marketing measurement.

But which types of content fuel the best ROI? Featured articles topped the list with 62.2 percent of marketing professionals saying it brings the biggest return, according to the 2013 State of Content Marketing Study. No. 2 was video at 51.9 percent and No. 3 were white papers at 45.6 percent.

Numbers don’t tell the only story. Without getting too bogged down in data, we rounded up some great visual examples that help spell out the impact of content and power of content marketing. 

1. Rand Fishkin, co-founder of, hit home on measuring content marketing. He presents two points of view -- how marketers think consumers respond to digital content and how consumers actually respond in “Why Content Marketing Fails.”

Favorite slide: This is how content marketing really works

by leah.betancourt

2. This Slideshare presentation "Storytelling in 2014" by Gary Vaynerchuk takes much of the same approach as Fishkin’s. It points out that what marketers hope consumers do -- such as not fast-forward through an ad -- isn’t actually what happens. 

Favorite slide: It's 2014 and 99% of people still market like it's 2004.

by leah.betancourt

3. This infographic on the tipping point of content marketing shows a disconnect -- 63 percent have a budget dedicated to content marketing, yet only 31 percent said content marketing was essential, according to data from Smartinsights-Hubspot Content Marketing. The data could serve as a wake-up call to B2B and B2C marketers in that they need to be more in-touch with their content marketing efforts and how they are affecting business goals.

4. The Slideshare "10 Marketing Tips That Will Increase Your ROI in 30 Days" presentation outlines how to move the ROI needle using different marketing elements -- social media, content marketing, website design, etc. -- and backs it up with data.

Favorite slide: Power of blogging for lead generation for B2B companies

5. The “Field Guide to Four Types of Content Marketing Metrics” from the Content Marketing Institute is a must-read. It details the connection between how content affects a business with four types of measurements: consumption, sharing, lead generation and sales. From there it drills down into which metric types fit into each type of measurement.  

Favorite slide: Myth vs. truth 

by leah.betancourt

Have you spotted any compelling content marketing ROI visuals or Slideshare presentations? Let us know at Scribble Engage on Twitter and we’ll add it to this page. See how ScribbleLive can help your organization use engaging content to reach your business goals.

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