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Presenting factoids and even dense data visually is increasingly becoming a vital part of the digital landscape. Visual content has surged 9,900 percent online since 2007, according to a Search Engine Journal report. 

To get an overall, easy-to-understand view of making the most of content across digital channels and real-time engagement, ScribbleLive and CoverItLive spell it out simply with two infographics.  

What Content Types Work Best and When?

With so many places to post online, it’s hard to decide which platform and types of content will help companies reach their business goals. We drill down with this infographic on how to optimize for social media to show how each platform works best and when. 

Ensure Real-time Event Success

We put our heads together and laid out an infographic of a road map for real-time content planning. Get tips for what to do before, during and after an event to maximize your content for real-time engagement: before the event: strategize, plan, gather; during the event: promote and inform; after the event: package and promote.

Learn more about content marketing and engagement at our upcoming chat on content marketing lessons learned at 11 AM EDT on Aug. 20 with Josh Machiz, Director of Integrated Marketing at NASDAQ; Shelly Bowen, Principal Content Strategist at Pybop LLC; and Amanda Clark, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Grammar Chic Inc

Find out how ScribbleLive can help you maximize content engagement to help you reach your business goals. Get more content engagement tips for marketers by following Engage on Twitter.

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