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A new study shows an overwhelming response from B2B companies who said real-time marketing is essential in this always-on digital culture.

That's the finding from the new report "What does real-time marketing mean for B2B?" from eConsultancy and Monetate. A whopping 87 percent of B2B companies agree that real-time marketing is essential as behavior, device, place and time come together, according to eConsultancy. 

Why is this significant? Real-time content has been proven to drive engagement -- that top-of-the-funnel activity that ultimately leads to prospects, leads and the end-goal of acquiring customers.

Lassie on the set at KTTV. (Source: MyFoxLA.com)

Is Your Content Doing What It Should?

Moz.com posted a comprehensive content audit guide and case study. Content audits can help identify gaps in content coverage and opportunities, determine which pages are ranking for which keywords and identify content marketing opportunities, according to the site. The case study points to a company that generated eight times the leads and why the audit worked.

Forgotten Angle When Writing Content 

This piece on Copyblogger, "30 Ways to Build the ‘Know, Like, and Trust’ Factor that Grows an Audience," drills down specifically on one angle that writers might be overlooking, which results in little momentum around content. Your content won't grow a vibrant audience unless you've mastered the know-like-trust factor that sales people see as second nature, according to the CopyBlogger post. The post provides 30 direct ways to build familiarity, likability and trust.

Rebranding For Old Favorite

The long-time celebrity dog Lassie has turned sales pitchman as part of a comeback brand campaign. Lassie's owner (DreamWorks Animation) has been putting the canine up to publicity stunts such as helping KTTV's meteorologist do the weather and as an "intern" at People Magazine, The New York Times reports. The question is whether or not it will pay off. Beyond that, will we see major pop culture brands that have gone dormant emerge with similar out-of-character marketing efforts? 

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