Must-Reads: Jay Baer on Sideways Marketing, Heidi Cohen on Curation vs. Aggregation & More Live

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We’ve rounded up some must-reads from the worlds of content marketing and advertising. This week’s offering gets granular with content curation, aggregation, social media, and air and even space travel.

What is sideways marketing? Marketing strategist Jay Baer spells it out in this great post on why you are not the star of your content marketing. Sideways marketing is useful content marketing that is not about your product or service, according to Baer. This is top-of-funnel engagement is meant to attract an audience who aren’t currently your customers. Baer’s examples of sideways marketing through the years makes the post particularly brilliant. 

Differentiating Curation and Aggregation

Do you confuse curating content and aggregating content? Heidi Cohen’s recent post is an excellent explainer on the difference between the two, complete with charts. Here’s what makes this post exceptionally useful:
  • Cohen explains the key difference between a curated post, which includes original content, and an aggregated, which does not. 
  • She explains the why behind when to use curation and aggregation.
  • She walks marketers though the steps for how to apply curation and aggregation. 
  • She outlines the benefits of curation and aggregation and takeaways for implementation. 

Native Advertising Gains Momentum

Was it the summer of the native ad? Clickz makes a case for why it was with this great roundup post on how native ads are gaining ground, pointing out memorable native ad campaigns such as GE’s Supercompressor. They also throw in John Oliver's viral rant on the topic (which has more than 2 million views on YouTube) for good measure. 

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Native Advertising (HBO)
by LastWeekTonight via YouTube

Compete for a Trip to Space

Here's a twist to a user-generated content contest. Land Rover has teamed up with Virgin Galactic for a space travel contest for the launch of the new Discovery Sport. They’re giving away a trip to space as part of a Facebook contest. Contestants must submit a 30-second video on spirit of adventure and pick and name their team. The contest opened Sept. 3 and runs until Oct. 31. The contest encourages virality by asking entrants to tag each of the three friends they would include on their team with their video upload. The competition hits on the themes of inspiration, creativity and adventurousness around Land Rover's new Discovery Sport.

Land Rover Galactic Discovery competition: Win a trip to space!
by TestDriven via YouTube

Newsjacking Attempt Draws Complaints

In yet another newsjacking attempt gone wrong, this time Spirit Airlines sparked complaints on Twitter for its promotion that played off of the celebrity nude photo hacking scandal. The Wall Street Journal reports the airline has promoted its Bare Fare campaign before, but this is the first time the company directly tied the campaign verbiage to the celeb photo scandal.

Timeliness is not a justification for a use-case. Before launching a newsjacking effort, the ideas should answer these questions: Does this make sense for our brand and will this offend the audience? In other words, if it’s offensive -- you’ll know it when you see it. This was the famous phrase spoken by a U.S. Supreme Court justice in the federal case Jacobellis v. Ohio over a controversial film.

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