ScribbleLive CEO Vincent Mifsud on How Real-Time Content Affects Businesses Live

ScribbleLive CEO Vincent Mifsud
Companies turning to content marketing as a way to differentiate is nothing new.
What continues to change are the ways content marketers navigate brand awareness, target online audiences and then engage with those audiences to achieve business goals.

In our series on content engagement, Engage Magazine spoke to thought leaders Robert Rose of the Content Marketing Institute; Jason Miller of LinkedIn; Jay Baer of Convince and Convert; Nathan Lump of Travel + Leisure; and Ann Handley of MarketingProfs on various issues. In the final part of our series, we spoke with ScribbleLive CEO Vincent Mifsud on trends around content marketing and engagement.

"The content engagement strategy is a way to differentiate beyond the features of your product through creating interesting content that may indirectly have something to do with your company -- it may indirectly have something to do with your products -- but definitely has a lot to do with the audience you’re trying to target and what’s of interest to them. Through creating that strategy, you start to differentiate your brand,” said Vincent Mifsud, CEO of ScribbleLive.

“Your audience will always be interested in engaging content. It has to be something you do on an ongoing basis and essentially don’t stop doing,” said ScribbleLive CEO Vincent Mifsud.

Standing out from competitors is one thing, but getting your audience to pay attention and engage with your content is another. That’s where measurement comes in. The benchmarks help determine the impact of content marketing on the business. Remember, content marketing is not traditional advertising. That, Mifsud noted, marks a departure from the past.

"If you think about how you were marketed to, it was always around features or products," Mifsud said. "That’s how the traditional marketer tried to get your attention. In today’s world, that doesn’t work anymore because everyone has those features. That’s essentially the challenge.” 

Content marketers are working to find the sweet spot between getting the audience’s attention and converting them into customers. Using original content is one way to do that -- and it's getting more exposure these days. Mifsud noted Google algorithm changes are now favoring originality. 

“The trend is moving toward original and compelling content vs. repurposing other people’s content.It’s created by your brand for your audience specifically. So by definition, it’s custom,” he said. 

"Your audience will always be interested in engaging content. It has to be something you do on an ongoing basis and essentially don’t stop doing."

Real-Time Content Drives Traffic 

Data show real-time content results in 300 percent more views and 233 percent more visitors than static content. With real-time content, consumption patterns are different. 

"Content has to be very real-time in nature. It has to be delivered on an ongoing basis -- it's not something that you deliver once and it's done. So it has to move quickly. The length of content is shorter because the devices are smaller. So you’ll see that there’s more atomized content, which are essentially smaller bits of content or a pieces of information. There are definitely trends associated with the speed of content delivery and length of content," he said.

"Always be closing” was the mantra Alec Baldwin’s character Blake drilled into a sales staff during his tough love talk in the film "Glengarry Glen Ross”. Similarly, marketers need to think about always being engaging with their content -- in a way that can be measured for business purposes. Engagement is the hook that will lead to other actions with intent. Real-time, dynamic content is another way to add a new angle to a topic, issue or event.

What adds depth to content? Focus on the other content layers, which help shape and add structure to content:
  • Timeliness
  • Context
  • Niche
  • Platform 
  • Device
"Your audience will always be interested in engaging content. It has to be something you do on an ongoing basis and essentially don’t stop doing,” Mifsud said.

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