Content Marketing Must Reads: Award Winning Campaigns Live

We’ve rounded up some must-reads from the worlds of content marketing and advertising. This week’s offering deals with lessons on content strategy and digital advertising as well as popular ad campaigns that feature animals.  

The Content Marketing Institute’s 2015 B2B Benchmark Report surveyed more than 5,000 marketers and picked this theme: B2B marketers must document their content marketing strategies. A recent post from Nicole Karlis at Scripted looked at the future of content marketing based on those findings. Some big points in the analysis: More money will be spent on content creation and content marketers will look at the conversion rate as a key metric. 

Revealing Trends Using Content Audits

More along the lines of discovery, content audits can reveal some trends and easy actionable steps to improve content across the board.

Buffer’s Kevan Lee gets granular on how to maximize content with a thorough post called, What We Learned Analyzing 595 Buffer Blogposts: A Complete Content Audit and Spreadsheet Template”. It's a excellent explainer on the process of doing a content audit using the template provided in the post. He recommends tools to use and walks people through each step on how to apply those tools to the audit. The post then gets just as in-depth with what Buffer learned from its audit, such as how longer posts versus shorter posts performed. 

What is Paid, Owned and Earned Media?

Another explainer related to content hashes out how SEO applies to three kinds of content.

Coordinating your paid, owned, and earned media (on-demand webinar)
by Wildfire by Google via YouTube

Econsultancy compiled a great explainer on the differences between
paid, owned and earned media.
Paid media is advertising or paid promotion by your company such as sponsored tweets. Owned is your company’s media that it controls such as a company blog and earned is media free promotion by your fans or followers. The post ties it together nicely with how these three fit into SEO.

Case Studies on Award-Winning Ad Campaigns

The top tweet from the Scribble Engage Twitter account last week was a link to the new report of 18 case studies from the Interactive Advertising Bureau. It debuted the “What Works & Why: IAB Global Insights Report”, which is an excellent analysis of award-winning digital campaigns. For example, the first live Tweeting Badger campaign for the Johannesburg Zoo gained 5,000 followers from the first 50 tweets and 10,000 new followers after two months, according to the IAB report. The Honey Badger named BG is still tweeting, by the way. 

Dogs = Marketers' Best Friends

Speaking of animals, it's no surprise that putting dogs in advertising grabs attention.
This post from Direct Marketing News points out some nice examples such as KLM, IKEA and Subaru on why dogs are marketers’ best friends and their impact they have on audiences. For example, 
Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” spot earned an Emmy nomination and reached more than 52 million views on its Channel Partner page, according to Direct Marketing News.

Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial -- "Puppy Love"
by budweiser via YouTube

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