CMOverheard: The latest on Easter, content marketing and CMO demographics

What the marketing world is talking about this week.

  • One never has enough time to keep track of everything going on in the marketing world. Here are a few intriguing tidbits from the past week, courtesy of some of the top experts, thought leaders and Chief Marketing Officers in the industry.

    Content Marketing is king

    A recent survey of over 200 Fortune 500 CMOs found that 95% consider content marketing to be important to their business in 2014 with the same percentage indicating that finding new, timely and engaging content is one of the biggest challenges they face this year. 

    Easter-themed marketing is hopping along quite nicely, thank you

    According to ad-tracker Kantar Media, spending on Easter-themed TV ads has ramped up in recent years. Candy-makers, for example, spent $17.5 million on Easter-related TV ads last year, a 34% jump from 2011. Something to think about while searching for eggs this weekend. (From CMOToday)

    Ever wonder what today's CMOs look like? Almost one in three come equipped with an advanced degree while the average length of a CMO's stay with a company has doubled in the last six years. Check out the entire breakdown below courtesy of and Job Search Intelligence.

    by chris.huston

    The Senior Director of Digital Marketing for adult beverage Hennessy revealed a little secret in a recent interview: E-mail marketing is making a come back.

    E-mail really has had this resurgence now because of how easy it is to check your email via the phone. But in terms of e-mail as a marketing tactic, it does get overshadowed by social media and other newer media.  From a cost standpoint and an engagement standpoint, it has really been a top performer for us. These consumers are opting in to get exclusives and Hennessy information direct to the e-mail inbox. That’s a pretty great relationship with your consumers, and so we are really trying to leverage an  email program that we launched last year and continue to be successful with it. -- Montana Triplett, Senior Director of Digital Marketing at Hennessy in an interview with

    Meanwhile, this infographic breaks down social media networks by SEO, brand awareness, customer communication and traffic generation categories. It's the essential CMO one-stop guide to social media:

    by chris.huston

    CMO Round Up

    We'll close out with a trio of quotes and thoughts from some leading CMOs. Over the past couple weeks, they've commented on everything from marketing complexity to the rise of mobile platforms.

    A huge challenge is complexity. The customers have more channels than ever before. There’s more content, so the customers are more informed than ever before, there are more choices in almost every industry—whether it is in the supermarket or whether it’s on Amazon—of whatever you want to buy. As a result the biggest challenge is: how do they deal with a more complex world? Customers are craving simplicity. -- Siegel + Gale CMO, Margaret Malloy in an interview with TheEconomistGroup.

    Test, learn, and play with ideas. Then make them into products. Collect data and mine it to be smarter and in a better starting point to serve consumers. --  Mark Addicks, CMO of General Mills to

    Over the past year, we have seen our mobile traffic and mobile sales grow tremendously to overtake the rest of digital, so our primary sales are coming from mobile and primary views on our site. We have an app and a mobile site, and those are really the two forces communicating our brand and our message. -- Ken Thewes, CMO of Regal Entertainment from

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