Content Volume: What's the Right Amount for Brands to Publish?

The rise of content marketing has led to concerns about "content shock." The theory goes, given a finite number of readers/shrinking attention spans and a seemingly infinite amount of content marketing, at some point it gets to be too much, and content marketing becomes a negative.

So are we at the tipping point, or is content shock a bit of Chicken Little? 

We put that question to Michele Linn, Vice President of Content at the Content Marketing InstituteAndrew Shipp, Social Media Manager at GoProVicky Del Cid, Social Media Analyst at Farmers Insurance and Marie Alonso, Content Branding and Social Media Strategist at Miles Technologies during a live chat last week.

Here's some highlights of our discussion (the full chat is available at the end of this article):

Is Content Shock a Real Thing?

"We are suffering from content overload in general, but this is not a new challenge. While marketers are indeed publishing a lot, they can fill a gap by providing useful content to very specific audiences. People will always have questions and be looking for guidance, so content marketers can fill that gap." -- Michele Linn

"I don't think it's content shock, necessarily. In my opinion, it's content absorption. People do pick and choose what they embrace and ignore. That's the balance, finding the right content publishing paths to engage your audience - engage customers, brand enthusiasts. Fans love content!" -- Maria Alonso

"People have become good curators to combat info overload. Delivering the right content to your audience is even more important." -- Andrew Shipp

What Role Does Content Volume Play in Planning?

"Content volume should be in lock step with your paid strategy. The value of a published piece of content w/o $$ = low." -- Andrew Shipp

"I'm a believer of quality over quantity, but there needs to be a balance. For certain types of content (for us, that's blog posts), we publish those consistently. For other types of content, such as eBooks, we don't have a set schedule." -- Michele Linn

"One way to look at it is that brand publishing should be, at its inception, limitless. Where do we want to target our brand publishing in terms of our content marketing? The volume should reflect the personality of the audience -- and the brand. There can always be too much ..and of course too little is just a failed campaign." -- Marie Alonso

Are Upworthy and BuzzFeed Good Publishing Role Models?

"For most brands, it makes zero sense to adopt this model themselves -- building partnerships with influencers that make sense for your brand is one great way to engage." -- Vicky Del Cid

"UpWorthy and Buzzfeed's model, as I understand it, is to drive traffic but not necessarily conversion. If you want to drive traffic ..." -- Andrew Shipp

Does More Content = Lower Quality?

"Like most things, it depends. If you approach content creation in a very ad-hoc way and are simply trying to meet publishing deadlines, chances are that more content will mean lower quality. But, if you are publishing things that are very niche and fill a need, more content can be very useful." -- Michele Linn

"I think that largely depends on the type of business you are and the nature of the content you're creating. If you're a news organization breaking stories on Twitter, what is the threshold? vs, say, an insurance company ..." Vicky Del Cid

Which Type of Content Performs Best for You?

"Photos provide higher engagement across social. Recently, Facebook Video has been a BIG driver in engagement as well." -- Andrew Shipp

"It all comes back to what your specific goals are. At CMI, one of our primary goals is converting visitors to emails subscribers. So, for us, some of our best content is our annual content research, blogs posts that 'connect the dots' and detailed ebooks." -- Michele Linn

"On social, the answer is definitely leaning towards imagery and content that establishes that instant emotional connection." -- Vicky Del Cid

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