Live Chat: Finding DIY Success on Digital Channels

We’ve all seen viral hits, memes and YouTube sensations turn ordinary people and businesses into household names overnight. But cat videos can’t be the viral juice behind everyone’s online effort. Navigating the digital space takes planning, the right message and tone. What can brands learn from scrappy businesses that approach marketing in a do-it-yourself manner? ScribbleLive will host a chat at 11 am EDT on July 23 on that very topic. We'll talk to a panel of experts including Roger Wu, Co-Founder of Cooperatize; Alexis Grant, an Entrepreneurial Writer and Digital Strategist; Marie Alonso, Content Strategist at Miles Technology, to show how businesses can attract the right kind of attention (in the right way) in a digital world. They will offer insights on how to maximize your digital presence on various channels, discuss best practices, strategies and more.

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