How Brands Are Connecting With Fans in Real-Time During the World Cup

Real-time marketing is going to be essential for brands during the World Cup. The promise is enormous, but so is the potential for peril. ScribbleLive hosted a chat on how to succeed (and how to manage risk) when it comes to real-time marketing.

  • The 2014 World Cup will likely be historic in many ways, but for brands in particular it represents a unique and massive opportunity -- albeit one that is not without challenges. That opportunity is real-time marketing. 

    Brands who stay hyper relevant, who engage in authentic conversations with fans and who correctly utilize tactics like newsjacking, can realize significant gains with a massive global audience. But what do those efforts entail, how do brands know when to react, how do they mitigate risk and what happens when things go wrong? ScribbleLive hosted a chat to tackle those very issues (scroll down). 

    We were joined by Mark O’Connor, Head of US Media for GolinJørgen Schrøder Aanonsen, Director of Sales and Business Development at TacticJohn Crozier, Senior Account Manager (and resident sports expert) at We Are Social; and Michele Barna, Director, Social Media Communications at Deep Focus.

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